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“I know Maray through her work as a great actress and film colleague.  I described the general outline of the project that she might work on.   She asked great questions and was intelligent and funny as well.  I was quite impressed at her motivation and independence.   Maray demonstrated the ability to work with great character creativity and enthusiasm.  She brought magic to my film set in a MAJOR way.  She is the BEST OF THE BEST.....”


Francis Xavier CEO/FOUNDER

Metropolis Pictures Entertainment



"I appreciate so much that you are such a passionate and committed artist and I don't say that lightly because being a true artist is a high calling.  You are such."

Levy Lee II

Award winning writer, actor, director

Jazz Lion Productions



“We were all three blown away by your talent and gift as an actress.  And I think we each felt really blessed by the depth of your performance.  You embody the gift of every great actress I have known and that is the quality of fearlessness in your work.”


Kaiulani Kimbrell   




"I first worked with Maray on a staged reading of Fredrick Durrenmatt's "The Visit" in which I asked her to play Police Chief Schultz, formerly a male role.   She enthusistically threw herself into the part immediately, working on her relationships with other characters, her own backstory and her costume. Maray leaves no stone unturned when it comes to acting."


Vicki Vidol


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